More Resources

Things I’ve discovered in the last few months that might be worth your time if they sound interesting. WEBSITE: Family Caregiver Alliance ( Lots and lots of tip sheets, webinars, and videos about every aspect of caregiving, well indexed. Two tip sheets I found incredibly helpful: 1) Ten Real-Life Strategies for Dementia Caregiving ( 2) … More More Resources

Spring 2019

May 2019 It’s just about 6 months now since J moved to Avita as a resident. In mid-February she fell in her room, either out of bed or on the way to the bathroom, but since she had gotten back into bed by the time the staff person looked in and J told her that … More Spring 2019

The Lifeboat

There’ve been lots of disasters in the news – fires, floods, and political upheavals –  all the while we’ve been experiencing our own slowly growing disaster here – but in our case, with about as  good a resolution as can be. J has never been able to see or hear how the dementia affected us, … More The Lifeboat

Early Fall 2018

Bright New England Fall arrived just on time – windy, cool and clear, and a nice change from the really humid summer this year. Another couple of months have passed and it’s been 3 months now that J has been involved in the day program at Avita, three days a week. It seems to be … More Early Fall 2018

Summer 2018

A few months have passed and the main change has been with the day program. A year and a half ago a new memory-care facility, Avita, opened up nearby, which brought with it a good reputation which has actually grown as they settle into our community. It’s a residential assisted living complex specifically for people … More Summer 2018

Spring Update

April 5, 2018  (Posting this a month after I drafted it…better late than never!))  Spring! Although in northern New England it’s more a matter of light than warmth, for a while. A long while….today it was 27f and windy, so I needed long underwear and full winter jacket/mittens/ hood on my morning walk. But then, … More Spring Update