The Lifeboat

There’ve been lots of disasters in the news – fires, floods, and political upheavals –  all the while we’ve been experiencing our own slowly growing disaster here – but in our case, with about as  good a resolution as can be. J has never been able to see or hear how the dementia affected us, … More The Lifeboat

Early Fall 2018

Bright New England Fall arrived just on time – windy, cool and clear, and a nice change from the really humid summer this year. Another couple of months have passed and it’s been 3 months now that J has been involved in the day program at Avita, three days a week. It seems to be … More Early Fall 2018

Summer 2018

A few months have passed and the main change has been with the day program. A year and a half ago a new memory-care facility, Avita, opened up nearby, which brought with it a good reputation which has actually grown as they settle into our community. It’s a residential assisted living complex specifically for people … More Summer 2018

Spring Update

April 5, 2018  (Posting this a month after I drafted it…better late than never!))  Spring! Although in northern New England it’s more a matter of light than warmth, for a while. A long while….today it was 27f and windy, so I needed long underwear and full winter jacket/mittens/ hood on my morning walk. But then, … More Spring Update