It’s a new year and things continue fairly calm – a real blessing. There’s been time to reflect  and energy to get to some projects that have been on the list for years, in some cases. The stair carpeting project, for one – now, when I look across the living room at the stairway I … More Responsibility!

The Calm Day

Thinking about the project of maintaining a calm atmosphere at home, and how that is no longer a luxury or a by-product but rather the entire objective these days. I think this has become so much more important as J’s ability to learn new things and to remember how to initiate and do once-familiar things … More The Calm Day


More and more, I am “managing” our lives, and not so much living or sharing them. That’s the aspect of this situation that I really hate – turning into a manager almost more than partner, spouse, friend. I think J feels this change, but doesn’t really see what is going on. She is not aware … More Managing

Little Tricks

Everything in our house takes just “a little trick” to operate – fill the dishwasher cups only half full, and set it on medium wash; put the security bar in the patio door after you close it; put the soap in first, then the clothes in the washing machine; the lock on the french doors … More Little Tricks