The Two-Factor Problem, & the Trouble with Travel

NEW: Documentaries,  above, lists videos that I have found helpful – check them out if interested. The other day we had a conversation that startled me: J was remarking about some slacks that were no longer comfortable, so I suggested she go get all the slacks out of her closet and we’d sort through and … More The Two-Factor Problem, & the Trouble with Travel


It’s a new year and things continue fairly calm – a real blessing. There’s been time to reflect  and energy to get to some projects that have been on the list for years, in some cases. The stair carpeting project, for one – now, when I look across the living room at the stairway I … More Responsibility!

The Calm Day

Thinking about the project of maintaining a calm atmosphere at home, and how that is no longer a luxury or a by-product but rather the entire objective these days. I think this has become so much more important as J’s ability to learn new things and to remember how to initiate and do once-familiar things … More The Calm Day


[Some new info is posted under the button, How it Works, for those not used to reading blogs online – check it out.] The passivity situation gets to me sometimes , and I  worry if I plan out the day, I’m setting myself up for accusations of being bossy, but if I don’t do or … More Initiative

Getting Started

Just trying this out, to get started with a blog. Living in northern New England,  looking after my partner who has middle stage dementia. We have been together for 20 years, and were married two years ago when it became legal in our state. The other day, it became legal nation-wide…something I never thought I’d see … More Getting Started