It’s a new year and things continue fairly calm – a real blessing. There’s been time to reflect  and energy to get to some projects that have been on the list for years, in some cases. The stair carpeting project, for one – now, when I look across the living room at the stairway I … More Responsibility!

Little Tricks

Everything in our house takes just “a little trick” to operate – fill the dishwasher cups only half full, and set it on medium wash; put the security bar in the patio door after you close it; put the soap in first, then the clothes in the washing machine; the lock on the french doors … More Little Tricks


Well, the plan to have R, the companion, drive J to her recorder group collapsed because the group was canceled the day before it was scheduled to happen. Aagghhh!!! So, R was able to come for the regular two hours, and we did some household projects for an hour or so, all together, and then … More BABYSITTER??!?