Autumn is officially here, but today (Sept 24) is 80f and humid, just like summer. We were housekeeping this morning, I vacuum while J dusts, but after 45 minutes or so we had to sit down to cool off! I’ll start a new blog post and see how far I get while J rests on … More Changes

Two Years Later…

It’s been two years since starting this blog – some things have changed, some not so much. I’ll mention a few things we’ve been doing, then comment on some of the changes. In June, both J’s sons visited, overlapping by a day or so. It worked out well, was great to see them, and good, … More Two Years Later…

Spring 2017

Things continue fairly calm here. Not a lot new to say, except that there is very gradual progression of deficits with J’s memory and grasp of things. The easiest way to characterize this is “lack of overview”. That, as I’ve written before, affects our ability to have substantive conversations that involve problem solving, strategizing or … More Spring 2017

The Two-Factor Problem, & the Trouble with Travel

NEW: Documentaries,  above, lists videos that I have found helpful – check them out if interested. The other day we had a conversation that startled me: J was remarking about some slacks that were no longer comfortable, so I suggested she go get all the slacks out of her closet and we’d sort through and … More The Two-Factor Problem, & the Trouble with Travel