And a Good Time Was Had By All

Sometimes, cool things happen, and it’s really great to be able to write an upbeat entry. Yesterday R from the companion services agency came for a couple of hours in the morning. She had worked with J a few times in the winter when I was trying to get this service in place, but the very idea of needing a companion was terribly offensive to J – even though R was a delightful and compatible match. J resisted the idea with every fiber of her being, so that I just had to suspend that idea for a while.

I realized it was time to revisit this idea after I’d been sick a few days, and it took a couple of weeks to get my full energy back – and, aha!, a good explanation for bringing back a companion for ME! So, I left it til the day before, and told J that I’d contacted the agency about a person coming to help with the seasonal chore list that was growing by the minute. I said I wasn’t sure who they’d send, maybe R – this struck J as fine and sensible, and I realized she didn’t remember R at all.

When R got here, we sat together at the table, going over the list of possible projects, and I could see that J was relaxed and pleased, and if she remembered R, it was a positive thing. We all went outside and wandered around the yard, familiarizing R with everything, then she and J got started on the driveway garden while I puttered with the screens on those windows. We all talked and shared, and it was just fun. We got a little work done, but much more than that, it was relaxed and pleasant. And when we got to the end of the two hours, J said, “Are we going to do this next week?” Yes!!

5 thoughts on “And a Good Time Was Had By All

  1. Hey J! Thanks for sharing this positive experience. You have a great gift for creative problem solving! Hope to see you again soon. Patti

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  2. Who would have guessed that, after getting so bent out of shape about Roberta so recently, J could meet her again and have forgotten her so well and so thoroughly that J could jump over “oh.. [whine]..OK..” arena and land upon the “DELIGHTED!” button?
    I just light up, reading and hearing about all the approaches you come up with to continue show J respect and love and (keep this up!) to acknowledge that there are needs for richness in your life as well.
    A blessing to know you.


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