Starting to pull up one sock, anyway…I’ve given a whole lot of thought on how to do things differently with introducing companion services again.

Last time, my mistake probably was not staying with J and the companion long enough. In fact, I was so eager to be efficient about the time and money, I would leave as soon as the person arrived. I also tried to discuss it with J ahead of time, to secure her understanding and cooperation.

This time, I am thinking to have the companion come for two hours to ostensibly work with me on getting some of  the seasonal chores taken care of – help take a few of the screens off, store them in the garage loft, wash some of those windows, clean out the garage, do a little weeding in the flower beds – without me going away, or any reference to this being about J.  We DO need to get at those chores, although they are ones J and I easily take care of on our own. I’m happy to try this approach for several weeks if necessary, to see if we can de-toxify the whole situation and turn it into a good thing, having someone else in regularly who can drive and help us out.

And, I will not try to talk it over in advance.

I’ve emailed the agency about this, and expect to hear back within a few days. They’ve been great to work with in the past, so I remain hopeful that this could work out.

4 thoughts on “Hopeful

  1. Hi, The team of J and J are pretty neat I enjoy company with both of you. J you are good at everything that you do I wish you didn’t have to figure out how to be good at this. xoxo TT


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