For a long while, putting the morning pills in a 7-day pill box worked very well. J took them in the morning as part of her routine. Then, confusion about what day it was began to be an issue here. So, we went and got a larger wall calendar, and I got very disciplined about crossing off that day just before going to bed.

Eventually, this was not enough , and I sought out a clock that displayed the date as well. Local big-box store had very reasonable versions of these. By now, it is proving difficult to introduce a new way of finding out what day it is. I put the clock on the counter where she takes the pills, and every morning I put the pillbox in front of the clock. But still I hear, what day is it?, and every day I say, look at the new clock on the counter by your pill box. Many times a day.

It struck me that she might be having trouble with the large digital read-out of the time, with the much smaller display of the date beneath it, so I masked off the time with a piece of paper on which I wrote “Today is…”, leaving only the information about the date visible. It has helped a little.

The other difficulty has been with the few types of rx that she takes herself as needed. For months, has been very reliable about writing down when and what she takes…until the other day, when I noticed she had written down the day and the time, but not the rx name. Then, another day, she said to me, “Well, I wrote down the date, time and pill, but did I take it?” That was my invitation to become involved.

I decided to put a fixed number of pills in the box each morning so that I could tell whether any had been taken that day. The only problem with this is that J panics and thinks she is running out of the rx because there are only a few capsules in her bottle. Every day. And every day I say that there is plenty, that I am just setting out that day’s worth so we don’t get confused about whether she has taken any or not. So, it works, but is not without its hassles.


2 thoughts on “Pills

  1. We too have to adjust how we do things. I used to write all the activities for tge week on a white board, but she would pack a bag a week before we were going somewhere, and then be upset she couldn’t find something.


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