Friends & Family

Friends, neighbors and family members have been incredibly sensitive and kind to us, bringing so much delight and refreshment to us this past hard year.

The smallest gesture means so much these days. A neighbor asking “How’s it going?” while I’m out walking, for instance, can make my whole morning. A couple of neighbors regularly check with J to see if she wants to go to exercise class with them, even though she often doesn’t, or says she does and changes her mind at the last minute.

Family members came and looked after things at home with J while I went to visit an old friend for several days last month – a very welcome break for me, and only possible because of family willing to step in and a friend willing to invite me.

Another friend set up a three-day trip to Canada for us all, and we had a lovely time in St. Stephen, which I would not have attempted on my own, but was very possible with our friend’s pleasant company.

Other friends email regularly to see how things are going.

More distant family members have been most supportive in offering phone calls to J and kind emails to me.

Friends with a lakeshore home invited us up for the day to enjoy the lake and a boat ride and their pleasant company, and invited us out again during their weeklong stay on the ocean for a visit and lobster.

Other friends call about getting together for a meal out, or a walk, or a movie.

Friends email me about kayaking, which I sometimes can’t manage, but when I can it is so refreshing.

As my counselor pointed out early on in our relationship, you need a broad base of support in a situation like this….and I would say that we have been very, very fortunate to have family and friends who provide just that.

I don’t know if I would have known what to offer people in our position, before we found ourselves in it. But somehow our friends and family have been brilliant in knowing what to offer and how to keep contact with us in our increasingly strange world.

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